Motorola Unveils ďUnlock My DeviceĒ Page, Unlocking Bootloaders With Motorolaís Help

Motorola has given us a whole new reason to celebrate during tonightís happy hour, as the company has officially launched the new ďUnlock My DeviceĒ page. Yes, you read that right, meaning Motorola device owners can now finally unlock their deviceís bootloaders and install 3rd party software with Motorolaís official help. As expected, Motorola warns its users repeatedly about the side effects of unlocking your factory device, but weíre sure our readers are used to living on the edge.

Before you get settled in to unlock your Moto, donít forget you will need the Android SDK and Motorolaís Drivers. After youíve downloaded those pieces, all you have to do is follow Motorolaís instructions. Right now we canít see which devices are supported to start, but weíre hoping Motorola updates the page quickly with those important details.

Donít believe us? Continue on to the source link to feast your eyes on what Motorola has been cooking up for you.


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