100 Years of General Relativity

1905 : Einstein publishes four major works - including his special theory of relativity  and paper on the nature of light.

September 1907 : An editor requests a review article on special relativity. It spurs Einstein to think about how his 1905 theory might be applied more broadly. Special relativity doesn't account for accelerations, whereas general applies just about everywhere.

November 1915 : Einstein publishes general relativity (GR), a mathematical framework that explains the underlying mechanism of gravity : Masses produce accelerations by warping space-time.

March 1920 : Einstein continues to develop GR, if in fits and starts : "I am constantly brooding about extending the theory of relativity, but always come up against a wall."

December 1921 : Einstein wins the Nobel Prize in physics for his 1905 paper on the  photon nature of light.

1937 : Einstein extends GR further in a paper on gravitational waves, which are still being hunted by physicists today.

source : Popular Science - November 2015