Rebuild Icon Cache

Windows keeps an icon cache and if this file becomes corrupt for some reason, some or all of the shortcuts on your desktop may disappear. You can delete this file and then restart the computer to rebuild the cache and hopefully get all your icons and shortcuts back.

To do this, open Explorer, click on Organize and then click on Folder and search options.

Click on the View tab and then select the radio button that says Show hidden files, folders and drives.

Now navigate to the following directory in Explorer:


You should see a file called IconCache.db inside that folder. Go ahead and right-click on it and choose Delete.

Go ahead and restart the computer and see if that fixes your problem. The cache will be rebuilt when the computer restarts. You can also go back and check that the size of the file is smaller after the restart. If not, restart a couple of more times until you see the size is smaller.